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About Magicbooking

Magicbooking is a leader in the provision of online services for children play groups and school extra-curricular activities, with over 900 clubs and schools subscribing to the service and growing fast.

On the platform parents have access to a booking and payment system for their children activities (club activities, trips, wrap around care, parent evenings), set-up recommendation for their children such as special diet, medical conditions, preferences and importantly which adult is authorized to pick up children after their activities, etc.


Magicbooking presented Workwiz with the challenge to develop an online platform that would deliver substantial scalability in the number of clubs and schools using the system, the number of parents, children and the amount of transaction (both booking and payment) done by the parents on the platform. In addition, the platform needed to provide communication with the parents, create attendance lists, present availabilities for booking and more.

With the development of the company and new customers need, the platform needed to allow the development and roll-out of new services - like the recently introduced school diner management and payment - as well as providing a high level of security for parents, children and payment information.

Another requirement was the ability to seamless connection of the platform to other systems in use at the schools of clubs such as SIMS, Progresso, ScholarPack, SchoolBase and others.


Workwiz opted to develop and deploy the application on Microsoft Azure in order to leverage the breadth of services, certifications and geographies of Microsoft datacenters as well as the extensive security and technology components offered by the Microsoft Azure ecosystem.

The different types of data are stored across the Azure Sequel server, with the SQL Azure warehouse responsible for housing structured data and the Azure Blob storage responsible for the storing of images and other unstructured data.

Security is achieved in part by the use of Azure key vault, and Azure AD authentication (which will be replaced by Azure AD BtoC in 2019), whilst Power BI provides extensive levels of reporting.

The application is monitored via Microsoft Applications Insight for diagnostics, analytics and performance management. In addition to the application development, Workwiz also supports MagicBooking by helping to run, manage and continuously improve the application.

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The result is a portal which over the past three years has grown to be used daily by over 900 schools and children activity clubs, totaling over 100,000 parents that are managing daily or weekly the booking and payments of their children activities. The payment transactions to date exceed £ 23 million.

Key for schools and children clubs is the ability to handle all bookings, payment and communication with the parents automatically, freeing staff to focus on the children rather then administration. One children club company was able to scale, from 36 to 106 centers with the same admin team after they started to use the platform.

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