Multifacing Web Application

Islington Council


When a large council with recruiting need of between 20 to 25 new people per week changed their recruitment services supplier, they wanted to take advantage of the web portal service they provided for the provision of candidates.

Whilst this simplified and accelerated the recruitment process, it also put strained on the HR teams to onboard the new commers.

In order to streamline the whole process end to end, the council decided to integrate their HR systems with the portal of their recruitment service provider and automate most of the onboarding tasks.

Workwiz was already the developer of the talent management application in use at the council and was asked to provide a solution.


Workwiz developed an interface to link through API’s the recruitment portal and the HR systems in place. The interface provided a specific dashboard where all candidates information (CV, personal details, interviews, etc.) were grouped so HR personnel could launch the onboarding automatically.

Once a position is open, the request and job description are automatically sent to the recruitment service, which in term send back candidate information both to the recruitment dashboard of the council and the manager account on the talent application in use at the council. Once the candidate is successful, the HR department can, at the click of a button, launch the onboarding process which create the correct active directory accounts, update the payroll system and other HR systems, etc. lowering the time the HR team need to spend for all new employees.


Managers are now able to launch the recruitment process from their computer with the confidence that the process would be handled quickly and accurately. At the HR team level, it allows them to receive all candidate’s information automatically, organize interviews, make offers, track recruitment automatically and to face an increase in recruitment need without the need to increase the team.

At management level, it provides a stronger visibility in the number and rhythm of new hires as well as monitoring the performance of their new service provider. At a service provider level, they can provide their service with minimum back office intervention and concentrate on providing the more value add part of their work.

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