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When a major South London Council decided to introduce a leading waste management application that allow them book, track and deliver their waste management services (bin and sac delivery, rubbish collection, etc.) more effectively, this left the council with two challenges: the first being to ensure that information in the waste management system matched the information in the CRM system, second that by installing the new system it increased the workload for the call center officers.


The challenge presented to Workwiz was to provide a solution to integrate the waste management system with the CRM system to ensure that information remain constant between the two system and to allow call center officers to use a single interface for all waste services bookings and not to have to interact with the waste management system or the CRM. The brief included also to have the ability to take payments directly from the new interface.

Looking into the future, the council wanted the architecture and the solution to be a blueprint for further integrations and to provide reusable components wherever possible to achieve a better rationalization of investment.


The decision was to use Microsoft Azure components such as logic Apps, Microsoft Dynamics (the CRM in use) API, and to leverage Azure functions to communicate with the SOAP webservices of the waste management application.

In a first transitional phase, an MVP application integrate via the LogicApps and Azure functions to the waste management system on one end and with the CRM and the payment system on the other. In a second stage the MVP will be replaced by a direct integration of the LogicApps and Azure services with the CRM via customized forms, actions and plugins.



Through this implementation, the council was able to provide the call center with a single interface, saving them over two third of the time it took for bookings and reducing the risk of errors. In addition, it opens the door for the council to launch an online booking portal to allow citizens to order their product and services without the need to use the call center.

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